Friday, May 2, 2014

Broadening the horizons

This isn't my first attempt at a blog. The other one was for fun, mostly, and also as sort of as a diary where I could share thoughts with my family while I was away. I wrote about work, life in England where we were stationed, life away from home, things I did with my family, pretty much whatever struck me.

Writing it is what cemented in my head the notion that I really would like to write professionally. I know I've talked about taking my military skills and finding skills that translated into the civilian world. For example, I've called myself a "linguist" for so long, it was easy to forget how much technical writing is part of that job. So, since one of the jobs I've been looking at is technical writing, I started this blog. It's not technical writing, but it's writing. Here, I can practice the craft of writing, have some good discussions about whatever's happening in my search, help out fellow jobseekers a little, and maybe even make a network connection or two. 

I got an email today from a friend, in which he suggested that this blog doesn't have to be entirely about the job search stuff. I told him that I was actually planning to do some other "life stuff" soon, but that I figured most of my readers came here because that "job search stuff" was what I was advertising.

But he's right.  I just can't post "I did a job search and sent out 5 resumes, made 9 calls, and got no interviews" every day. That's boring. Yes, this blog will be mostly about my career change and my job search, but I am going to share a bit more about myself and my family. I'll share some posts from my other blog, when appropriate, and I'll write some new stuff.

I hope you'll stick around; I've enjoyed your company so far!

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