Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Slow news days

They happen. They're not fun, but they happen more often than not, I'm told. Well, today sure was one. I didn't see any new postings, I had no new views of my LinkedIn profile, and, well, I didn't have very many views on this blog today either.

But I must keep on. When the day is empty and the prospects seem to be thinning out, it's really important to find something else positive to look at. I can see how it would be really easy to get discouraged, and then depressed, when things slow down.

Fortunately, Susie reminded me that I had been in touch with a college last week, and I need to call them back. I was looking around at some Masters programs, and I found one that looks like it would be the perfect fit for me.

Remember I said I got certified as an Accent Reduction instructor, and that I'd really like to be able to teach foreign languages? This program is a Master of Science in Second Language Instruction. It's not a teaching certificate, it's more involved with theory and pedagogy, and certain to be helpful to me.

I spoke with the deputy dean last week, and she said, "Where did you find out about this? That's a new program we've developed and we only just got approval for. In fact, I don't even know when we're going to start teaching it." I told her it was on her website. She laughed, and said, "Oh. OK, then, I guess we're actually going to teach it!"

So I need to call back, and talk to the dean. She's going to have the information about the program, and when and where the classes will be offered. I'm really hopeful that this works out. And that's a good thing, because otherwise, there wasn't much hope in today, job-wise.

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